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Profits with a Purpose

Experts are estimating that black Americans may have a net worth of zero by 2053. We believe enabling more blacks to both acquire and invest in established, small businesses can help reverse this trend.

To help reverse this trend, Ringside Capital engages in the following:

Majority Black Investor Syndicates

In 2020, Ringside Capital formed an 8 member investor syndicate which invested in the acquisition of a $16M healthcare manufacturing company for a nominal check size. In terms of dollars, 71% of our investment came from black investors, 14% came from women, 7% came from LGBTQ. 

Coaching and Mentoring Small Business Owners

Ringside Capital regularly provides coaching and advisory sessions with select small business owners. Topics include:

- Operating a Small Business

- Options and Process of Acquiring a Small Business

- Investment Strategies

- Growth Strategies

- Raising Capital to Grow Your Business

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