Investing With a Purpose

Experts are estimating that black Americans may have a net worth of zero by 2053. We believe enabling more blacks to both acquire and invest in established, small businesses can help reverse this trend.

To facilitate this, Ringside Capital's investments are funded via a black-majority syndicate of investors.

Here is how our syndicates work.

Step 1

Deal Review

Investment opportunities are provided by either Ringside Capital or our Partner Investor firms for our Syndicate members to review.

Step 2

Investor Participation

A subset of our investor syndicate members agree to invest in the deal.

Step 3

Syndicate Entity Formed

Ringside Capital forms the special purpose vehicle (SPV) entity and partnership to invest.

Step 4


The syndicate's SPV investment entity invests in the target deal as a minority shareholder.

About Our Syndicates

Targeted in our focus. Inclusive and collaborative in our approach.

  • Our investment syndicates are aimed to provide more blacks the opportunity to invest in high quality, well-established, profitable small businesses. However, we welcome non-black investor syndicate members. We simply require all syndicate investments to comprise of at least 51% black investors measured by either dollars or percentage of participating investors.


We focus on well-established, profitable businesses. Startups rarely meet our criteria.

  • While we may review select startup investment opportunities, we focus primarily on well established businesses with at least $500K of annual profits. 

We are looking for investment syndicate members and investment deal partners (i.e. private equity firms)

  • Investors: If you're interested in joining our syndicate and learning more about opportunities to invest in well established, profitable small businesses. Complete the form below.

  • Deal Partners: If you're a private equity firm or active investor in the lower middle market and you're interested in investing alongside our syndicates, please complete the form below.

Life's too short to do business with bad people.​ 

  • We take partnerships in investments very seriously. We also hold the relationships we've formed in this space dearly. So while we aim to be as inclusive as reasonably possible, integrity is a non-negotiable. Additionally, this is a syndicate is for active investors only.

Investors and Deal Partners
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If you're a business owner that's interested in receiving growth capital investment and/or being acquired, please give us some information to see if your business qualifies for assistance.

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